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Essential Import & Export Consulting Services For Your Business

No matter your business’s size, the importing process can be a maze of confusing paperwork and shipping procedures. The United States & Canada hold importers responsible for all imports they bring into the country.

Why Does Your Business Need Import Consulting Services

As an importer or exporter, your business is fully responsible when importing goods into the United States, Canada, Mexico, or basically anywhere. Professional consulting services can help your business navigate the challenging import and export regulations that could open your organization up to fines and even the loss of goods.

You need to maintain perfect import compliance and customs clearance if your business relies on international trade for any part of your supply chain.

Importers and exporters can become overwhelmed with the numerous compliance and logistic options you need to meet to remain compliant with the government.

A comprehensive Import Compliance Program is one of the best ways for your business to protect itself from fines and other consequences that come with failing to meet import compliance regulations and export controls.

The trusted import-export consultants at COLOMA GROUP provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to keep your business running.

  • Duty Management: Import consultants will help you find and take advantage of preferential trade programs. This type of professional overview can help you uncover significant savings in all areas of your business.

  • Regulatory Agency Compliance: Different products from different countries require their own set of documentation. A professional import consultant can help you understand and process this documentation to keep your warehouse and business compliant with various regulatory agencies.  

  • Vendor Performance Management: An import consultant can help you reduce the number of exceptions, which keeps your business running as smoothly as possible. This is accomplished by maintaining tight control on all aspects of the import process, from planning, monitoring, and executing performance metrics for your service providers and internal teams.

As the world becomes more interconnected with international trade; importing products worldwide plays a vital role in nearly every business in today’s market.

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