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Consulting Approach

Consulting isn’t just something we do at Coloma International Consulting Group; it’s what we are.

We offer solutions for today and tomorrow that scale and realign as the needs and objectives of your needs. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless we can impart a positive and measurable impact on the long-term of your needs.

How do you create and execute your strategy?

Whether you have just started thinking about going or expanding into Mexico, or are already there, you understand the importance of a sound strategy for implementation. The reasoning behind your strategy and the details of your plan will be unique to you or your business, and you know your business well.


But you need to know just as much about Mexico to make the right decisions, and you may also need guidance to help implement your plan once you have a strategy.


Where do you find the right advisors who can help gather the data you need or support your implementation?

What kind of Advisor do you need?

Knowledgeable across operations; you want a firm with a complete understanding of operating in Mexico. You want to avoid coordinating multiple domain experts from different organizations.


A single organization that has a deep understanding of operating in Mexico will be able to respond flexibly to your needs while keeping your organization’s bigger picture clearly in focus.

Experts at both corporate and personal strategies and Implementation; providing advice is helpful but implementation is critical.


An advisor that can do not just one, but both, gives you the opportunity to seamlessly transition from information gathering through planning to implementation with the same trusted partner; without the need for re-education which can cause delays and miscommunication.

Trustworthy and capable; there are many reliable and competent individuals and organizations in Mexico.  But... there are also some who are incompetent, unscrupulous, or worse. Being able to tell the difference can be difficult, and recovering from a mistake using the legal system can be a lengthy and difficult process. You need to be confident that your chosen partner is honest, capable, and can deliver on their commitments.

Practice Areas
  • Corporate Relocation

  • Real Estate Investments 

  • Medical Tourism & Health Care 

  • Individual Relocation

  • All Types of Accommodations 

  • Recruitment Transportation & Logistics

  • Imports & Exports 

  • Laws & Immigration

  • Property Management 

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