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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Permanent and Temporary Residents of Mexico have the right to import their household goods duty-free once within a period of no more than six months after the date of their formal entrance to Mexico.

Household effects are defined as those items that constitute the furnishings of a house and are exclusively for use, on their daily needs, by a person or family. This includes clothes, bedding, books, works of art, and scientific materials (as long as they are not part of a collection for expositions or art galleries). All of the items must have been purchased at least 6 months before moving.

Foreigners wishing to import free of taxes their household effects into Mexico must bring at the Consular Section at opening hours the following documents:

  1. Original migratory document: Temporary Residence visa holders are entitled to import temporarily household effects for the period of time that lasts her/his visa.

  2. Permanent Residents in Mexico, in accordance with Article 104 of the Regulations of the Customs Law, have the right to import their household goods "free of taxes on foreign trade" within a period of no more than six months after the date on which the person concerned obtained his/her residence in Mexico from the National Institute of Migration.

  3. Valid passport (original and copy).

  4. Four copies of the list of items to be imported, as per the following guidelines:

    • The list must be in Spanish. (Lists provided by freight companies are not accepted)

    • It must state the applicant’s addresses, both in Mexico and the UK, and that she or he is obliged to return the households effects once that he or she leaves Mexico. The letter must also state that in case of change of address, the applicant must inform it to the customs authorities.

    • Each copy must bear the applicant's original signature (photocopied signatures NOT accepted).

    • Payment the consular fees, which must be made in cash, postal orders or company's cheque, payable to Mexican Consulate.

Example of household effects list:

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