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Some of Mexico growing industries 2022

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

  • Aerospace Manufacturing in Mexico

  • Automotive Manufacturing in Mexico

  • Electronics Manufacturing in Mexico

  • Medical Device Manufacturing in Mexico

  • IT Industry in Mexico

  • General Manufacturing in Mexico

Advantages of Aerospace Manufacturing in Mexico

The aerospace industry in Mexico is among its fastest-growing—for the past 10 years, it’s seen 17.2% annual growth, with companies like Gulfstream, Honeywell, GKN Aerospace, and Collins Aerospace setting up operations. The Mexican government is committed to this sector, with a comprehensive plan designed to increase aerospace manufacturing in Mexico. One of the main regions for Mexico’s aerospace industry is Baja California (specifically Tijuana and Mexicali), where COLOMA Group is well-positioned to help you locate a site and tap into the growing talent pool.

Mexico’s Automotive Industry Is the Fastest Growing in the World

Thanks to the low labor costs, quality production, and proximity to the U.S., Mexico is a world leader in automotive manufacturing. By 2020, production is expected to surpass five million units. There is a robust supply chain of tier 1, 2, and 3 companies that both supply local markets and export their goods to the U.S. and other countries.

Mexico’s Electronics Manufacturing Industry Is Among World’s Largest

Baja California is home to one of Mexico’s largest clusters of electronics manufacturers and suppliers, with over 200 companies—including Samsung, LG, and Foxconn—and over 92,000 employees in the state. This region is known for its young, well-trained workforce. It also benefits from being so close to the U.S. border. COLOMA Group has a wealth of experience working with electronics companies to help them take advantage of Mexico’s talented, low-cost workforce, proximity to the U.S., and many trade agreements.

Medical Device Manufacturing in Mexico: High Quality at a Lower Cost

Mexico, especially Baja California, offers plenty of advantages for medical device manufacturing. With ideal locations right on the border, companies like Medtronic, Becton Dickinson, and Masimo see quick turnaround times from order to delivery for high mix/ low volume manufacturing. It’s also close to San Diego, the United States’ fourth-largest life sciences technology hub, where many Mexican professionals get additional training at its top universities and institutions.

With 38+ years of experience, COLOMA Group has worked with companies across industries, of all sizes, and in every part of the supply chain.

The IT Industry in Mexico Is the Largest in Latin America

Mexico’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workforce is growing rapidly—Mexican universities graduate over 110,000 engineers each year, which represents over 20% of all graduates. The depth of this talent pool has started to draw significant investments from major tech corporations and venture capitalists. Now, the cities of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon and Guadalajara in Jalisco are being called the “Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

Opportunities to Supply Major Manufacturing Clusters in Mexico

Outside of the main manufacturing industries in Mexico (automotive, aerospace, electronics, IT, and medical devices), many other companies are either in the supply chains for those industries or part of other manufacturing clusters, including home and industrial appliances, sporting goods, recreational products, apparel, furniture, transportation equipment, plastics, packaging, refurbishing, and others.

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