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Real Estate - Investments

A property purchase in Mexico often represents a substantial investment an individual or family will make. Once you’ve found the property to acquire and agreed upon terms and conditions with the seller, a specific set of legal procedures must follow in order to make the transaction legal and secure for the parties involved.

Consultations and practical support

COLOMA Group is a team of experts who are experienced in the transfer of property in Mexico. Our real estate consulting service assists foreign buyers in making secure real estate property transactions.

The benefits of using a real estate consulting service include:

  • Overcoming language issues

  • Ensuring professionalism and integrity in your transaction

  • Dealing effectively with geographic distances between the Buyer and Seller

  • Protecting your investment by obtaining the right services and avoiding common pitfalls

  • Avoiding unnecessary litigation or problems caused through improper procedures

  • Will work directly with you, or alongside your real estate agent

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Some of the best investment opportunities to consider now:

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