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Sit Back Relax
and Collect Rent

When you sign a lease with COLOMA Group, you'll enjoy the benefits of hands-off, full-service property management, and care.

Better than full-service property management


We continue to reimagine the experience of homeownership. Our full-service property management system alleviates the stress of managing your own short & long-term rental, we ensure that it’s well kept and increasing in value over time, and guaranteeing a wonderful stay for your guests.

Complete Peace of Mind

When you sign a lease with us, we take on the hard work of property care, tenant selection, vetting, rent, and tenant relationship management. We guarantee you’ll get paid on time every month while realizing above-market rental income.

High-Quality Residents

We find the best residents by partnering with leading companies who value our convenient corporate housing service. All residents go through a rigorous and thorough screening process.

Better Than A Property Manager

Our local field teams regularly clean, inspect, and maintain your property. You will never receive an urgent call at 2 am about a plumbing issue—we have it covered.

Mike & Laura

Mike & Laura

“It has truly been a pleasure to deal with the folks at COLOMA Group. I was having trouble renting my unit until I was introduced to them, and since I have partnered with them, I have not had a problem keeping my townhouse rented. I would recommend them to my friends. It is well worth the money to have the peace of mind that they offer by keeping my unit rented and screening the renters before they put them into my home”

"Hand the work over to a professional team"

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