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Places To Visit In Mexico You Didn’t Know Existed

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Yucatán Peninsula – ancient Mayan ruins, incredible jungle swimming holes, and stunning beaches

The diversity of Mexico’s landscape makes it one of the most unique places to visit in the world. Mystical cenotes, crystal clear beaches ,lushwaterfallss ,,s and cliff-hanging hot springs are just a few of the attractions that make Mexico such an incredible travel destination.

While most people head to Mexico to sip margaritas by the pool, these 10 secret places in Mexico will make you pack your camera and take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

In our photography guide below we share 10 unique places to visit in Mexico that most people don’t even know to exist.

Mexico’s Yucatan area has over 6000 cenotes. With so many cenotes it can be tough to choose which ones to check out on your trip to Mexico but there are a few remarkable ones, like the Suytun Cenote, that stands out above all others.

What makes the Suytun cenote such a unique Mexico attraction is a walkway leading down the center of the cenote.

The Suytun cenote is completely underground and the only light that makes into the cenote is from an opening in the ceiling. When timed right, a light shines down towards the walkway creating an alien-like light beam.

How To Get There

The Suytun Cenote is located in Valladolid, around 2 hours away from Cancun and Tulum.

To get to Suytun Cenote many visitors sign up for tours with agencies, but usually, that means arriving with busloads of other people. If you’re interested in getting a shot of the place without anyone in it, try to go on your own and wait out the crowds.

Entrance Cost

The entrance cost to Suytun Cenote is 70 pesos per person (around USD 3.50) and the cenote opens to visitors at 9 am

Suytun Cenote

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