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OMSutra  Yoga Mat is made with new technology that contains materials safe for both you and the environment. Our Yoga Mats is Manufactured with quality in mind, these mats are extra dense offering a firm and stable cushion.

Perfect for all users, the 24”x72”x6mm yoga Mat is perfect for those who require extra cushioning and/or length from their yoga mat.

It is most suitable for most sitting pilates and yoga poses and helps to minimize the impact for those interested in more vigorous practices like Ashtanga yoga. It helps to ease the pressure on your joints and poses as you move through your poses. This mat is non-toxic, antibacterial, and phthalate-free.

This mat features great traction to help hold your poses for traditional and non-traditional yoga. The Piloga Yoga Mat can easily be cleaned with any household antibacterial cleaner. It is light, easy to roll, and can be stored and carried in any of our Yoga Bags, available in different colors and styles.

OMSutra Studio Yoga Mat 6mm Deluxe

SKU: c6fa0f6b
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