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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

One of the most common questions Canadians and Americans ask when moving is how to replace Medicare abroad?

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of retirees, entrepreneurs, and investors moving abroad, especially to Mexico. This is partially due to better quality of life, business and investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Even though it is financially beneficial for you, moving abroad is never easy. It is hard to move to a completely brand-new place. You are essentially leaving everything you’re accustomed to behind.

Most importantly, with the decision to relocate, there come several factors to consider.

You must decide on issues like how to bank, live, invest and so many other details. It’s sometimes easy to forget the essentials, such as replacing Medicare abroad. If you’re concerned about this then you are at the right place.

Healthcare is essential, and it is necessary to make informed decisions regarding your medical care.


People are often reluctant to move overseas Mexico in particular. This is often due to their reservations about Medicare. They fear that paying for non-subsidized Medicare abroad would set them back financially. Many people don’t trust the quality and affordability of health insurance abroad. Especially older North Americans in general who qualify for government-provided Medicare.

Canadians and Americans are used to the Medicare system in their countries, which is different from most of the world. These people have become accustomed to the government’s subsidized healthcare, which is contrasting from most other countries.

There are several countries whose medical care is equal to or maybe even better than the United States and Canada. These countries also provide investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Countries like Mexico and Turkey have the best healthcare facilities and certified personnel capable of performing all types of elective and essential medical procedures. The care and environment being provided are often superior to those in the US and Canada.


The only issue with these countries is that the medical care usually isn’t subsidized. This might discourage people from moving there. Non-subsidized Medicare overseas is assumed to cost exorbitant prices, which can affect people financially. But the cost of these procedures is relatively low compared to the US.

And there are several ways to reduce the effect of medical expenditure on your overall financial well-being while replacing your Medicare abroad.


One way to compensate for Medicare abroad is by reducing your overall cost of living. By doing this, you will have more money in your pocket. This money can then be spent on medical needs in cases of emergency.


It’s a common misconception that most countries lack superior healthcare facilities.

Countries like Mexico, Turkey, UAE, and Malaysia are prime examples of superior Medicare overseas. These countries have some of the best facilities in the world with exceptionally qualified healthcare professionals.

Many doctors there have studied in the West and can offer the best elective and catastrophic care possible. But to be able to afford those, you need to save on other aspects of your lifestyle.


Reducing your cost of living does not necessarily mean having to mean reducing your quality of life. It would just mean reallocating costs and increasing savings.

To reduce your cost of living does not mean finding a $300 per month apartment in Mexico. It could mean having the same quality of life, just in a cheaper part of the world. You can reduce your cost of living even if you aren’t moving overseas. There are places in every country that are relatively cheaper than the overall average.

A good example of reducing your cost of living would be to move from California to Mexico.

The mortgage for a house in California could cost you about $50,000 a month. But if you move to a cheaper country, like Cambodia, the mortgage for a similar would be lower, about $20,000 a month.

By moving to Mexico from the US, you would be paying $20,000 for your monthly mortgage instead of paying $50,000 in California. You would be able to save, or invest, the remaining $30,000 from your Californian mortgage. The money you save could go towards your medical abroad when needed.

By moving to a cheaper country, you would be saving on the mortgage and other basic needs. House insurance and maintenance costs tend to be lower in other countries than in the US. The prices of cars, groceries, and maybe even utilities will most likely be lower compared to the US.


Moving overseas requires you to be flexible with most of your decisions. The sudden change in customs and traditions means that you won’t always get what you expect. For most countries, the norms also differ. What might be acceptable in one part of the world doesn’t always transfer to another part.

The same goes for Medicare abroad. Most US and other Western countries’ residents are used to having around-the-clock access to medical care facilities. This isn’t the case for all countries. But you don’t always need around-the-clock availability of medical facilities.

If you move to a country like Cambodia or Nicaragua, you won’t always have access to the best medical care facilities, but you’ll probably be alright. Countries like these lack the high-tech facilities some are used to.

And the number of hospitals is likely to be lower than that in the US. But the lower quality and scarcity of healthcare facilities would most likely not affect you drastically.

The local hospitals and clinics are well equipped to deal with general healthcare needs, like the flu or common cold. And local pharmacies stock up on common medication such as Aspirin.

For more advanced needs and requirements, you can easily be transported to the nearest hospital to cater to your needs.

These countries are far cheaper than the US or any other western countries for that matter. This will allow you to increase your savings while living here. These savings can come in handy if there is ever a medical emergency or you are diagnosed with an illness.

The hospital bills, including transportation, are likely to cost you only a fraction of the price compared to the western countries.



As a replacement for Medicare abroad, you can get medical care insurance policies in other countries that aren’t government-sponsored. These policies can be procured in cheaper countries, at a low price, to cover catastrophes.

Some insurance policies might even cover costs for basic medical expenses. In case of a policy that doesn’t cover the day-to-day medical expenses, they can be paid out of pocket.

Along with cheap health insurance policies, some countries have amazing elective and catastrophic medical procedures facilities.

You could find very cheap health insurance in Mexico, for example, or other Latin American countries. A medical plan there would, on average, cost around $500 or less.

This price will most likely go up in older people of Medicare eligibility, but it would still be cheaper than the US.

Along with the cheap insurance, Mexico’s healthcare facilities and personnel rival the US and other western countries.


Some medical care insurance policies don’t even require full-time residence in the country. Only being a part-time resident of the country would still qualify you for insurance. Just make sure to check with your insurance provider beforehand.

This insurance policy can be used in case of catastrophic illness to cover medical expenses. Even if you aren’t a permanent resident of the country and are currently residing in a different region, you could return to avail your insurance.

Suppose you have a healthcare insurance plan in Mexico while you live there for part of the year and reside in Indonesia for the remaining time. And if you are diagnosed with cancer, you could travel to Mexico to avail your insurance plan.

You would have to pay out of pocket for most day-to-day medical needs, which are generally not subsidized, along with transportation costs. But you will still be in a better condition than in the US or other western countries. You would be provided with amazing care for a fraction of the price.


We understand that moving abroad isn’t for everyone. It can be very difficult for some people to leave their loved ones behind for a country where they might not know anyone.

While this is completely understandable, you also have to understand that sometimes, especially as an entrepreneur, you have to go where you’re treated best.

In fact, in some countries, you can legally reduce or even eliminate your taxes if you are an entrepreneur or investor. The cost of living is also only a fraction compared to the US and other western countries.

Other than that, you have an abundance of business and investment opportunities available to you abroad. Moving overseas lets you meet new people, enjoy the pleasant weather, scenic views, and have greater personal freedom.

If you look at all these benefits of moving abroad, the loss of Medicare coverage is not an issue.

Moreover, if you are moving overseas to Malaysia, you are guaranteed the best Medicare.

You would get to meet finer people, have access to advanced facilities, superior care, and have an overall much better experience compared to the US.

COLOMA International Consulting Group is all about believing and providing you with a better lifestyle. This includes a better quality of healthcare. You could also visit some of the countries you might be planning to relocate to. You can tour their medical facilities and even get a checkup to check out their facilities and evaluate your comfort level compared to the US and Canada.

This will help you judge if the experience is worth losing Medicare benefits when you move overseas.

As you can see, replacing Medicare benefits after you move abroad is easily achievable with the right team at your disposal.

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