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Things You Should Know About the New Health Service in Mexico

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The new year brings a new health service to Mexico, INSABI – el Instituto Nacional de Salud para el Bienestar has replaced Seguro Popular. INSABI intends to provide quality healthcare to all people living in Mexico who do not have Social Security benefits through their employer.

What you need to know about INSABI

  • You do not need to sign up; when you need medical treatment, present a National Electoral Institute INE or CURP or birth certificate at the hospital.

  • This service is free; there are no monthly fees or enrollment fees.

  • The service provides free healthcare on the first and second levels; however, the National and Federal Institutes of Health providing treatment at the third level are subject to fees.

  • There are no restrictions, and all the conditions will be treated.

  • Catastrophic expenses and the treatment of life-threatening diseases like cancer and HIV are covered.

  • The Institute must provide free medications and supplies related to treatment.

  • Treatment includes; clinical diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and analysis studies.

  • You must attend a public hospital; this health care service does not include private hospitals.

  • Treatment centers include; Health Centers with Extended Services (ESSA), medical units of IMSS Wellness, Units of Medical Specialties (Unemes), and general hospitals.

  • If you are denied medical attention, encounter abusive practice, or receive unnecessary charges, report the full name of the employee and hospital to 800 76 78 527 or email,

Off to a Rocky Start

So far, there are discrepancies between what the government is promising and what is taking place, there are reports that hospitals do not have the supplies or medications available causing patients to buy them out of pocket, and although it states there are no restrictions, and all the conditions will be treated, some patients have been charged for treatment.

Our Recommendation

Although it would be great to have free healthcare available, it is important to understand hospitals in Mexico are overcrowded, lack personal attention, and may not meet the standard you expect after living in first-world countries. We suggest ex-pats purchase private health insurance and take advantage of the private hospitals with the latest technology, sterile environment, private modern rooms, and personalized attention.

Get a quote for private health insurance in Mexico contact us now.

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