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Land Consultancy and Unique Realty Investments

Mexico is a vast territory characterized by diverse landscapes that give rise to different climates and topography and these offer specialist investors a diverse choice of land and property purchase opportunities.

Some people are seeking diverse investments

Most foreigners who buy real estate in Mexico will purchase a small parcel of land to build a home; or buy a prebuilt house or condo that’s part of a gated community or situated in a local Mexican neighborhood.

Some investors are seeking something quite different, or unusual, as part of a plan to diversify an investment portfolio, or due to a personal interest in taking on a specialized realty development project.

Discovering exceptional opportunities that are outside of the usual parameters of a real estate purchase in Mexico has become easier with the advent of a specialist land network consultancy.

Specialists in unique property investment

COLOMA Group. is a specialist investment consultancy firm formed by a small group of passionate individuals who understand the intrinsic value of land and have the vision to bring uncommon, often overlooked, Mexican property investment opportunities to people’s attention.

COLOMA Group is intended for people who want to buy a condo and family homes in Mexico; it’s been formed to assist people with patient capital seeking to diversify their investment portfolio through real estate that’s seldom offered through traditional agents, and which are often specialized.

Examples include luxurious estates tucked away in the Mexican countryside, large parcels of rural land, recreational properties, and commercial real estate.

COLOMA is servicing a gap in the Mexican real estate market by connecting investors —Mexican and foreign— with unique and unusual properties across Mexico, the owners of which often find it difficult to market through traditional property sales channels.

A full-service consultancy firm for property investors

In addition to marketing specific opportunities, COLOMA Group also provides detailed consultancy to buyers and sellers through a bilingual and bicultural team of experienced professionals who understand the Mexican realty market, the need for due diligence and adherence to property law, and who are conscious of the needs of property investors seeking to make a specialized real estate purchase in a foreign country.

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